So the deeper we get into this Entrepreneur thing, the more attention we get.

With this attention, comes questioning revolving around who we are, what we do, and why we are doing it with egg and what is the difference. . . I mean why make it difficult for yourself. 

The answer is twofold

1) You use what you have at your disposal, even more if it's headed for the disposal. 

We are farmers, and have a lot of free range chickens. PECK came about after one of our chicken flocks hit a bumpy patch. A cold, wet winter left them laying lots of eggs that were a bit funny. Funny to look at, funny to touch, not so funny when they end up in the bin. We couldn't figure out why eggs couldn't be something different, something engaging and something healt...

 It's been a long road - 4 years of development, hundreds of cracked eggs, thousands of bad puns and we have some exciting things to announce. 

Firstly, lets address the elephant in the room. . . . drinking eggs won't be everyone's cup of tea.

There I said it- probably the number one thing I should permanently push to the most repressed part of my brain for maximum denial. Especially as WE ARE the team that is pushing egg white drinks. 

But it's the truth- an honest and open fact that Western Europeans are more familiar with eggs as an ingredient for baking, in a fancy pants cocktail, sandwiches when you visit elderly relatives or most importantly- A Full English Breakfast! 

There is no reason for this other than h...

How many people know what goes into starting a food/drink business? 

It seems pretty simple right? You've made something that friends & family love, Aunt Marie (who always said at age 4 you could be a famous artist while looking at your crayon scribbles) puts it out there that you're food is something SHE would buy from a shop. Next thing you know you get a little stall at your local farmers market, spend all your weekends slaving away, hand making your precious gift to the world. You may be lucky enough to have some local shop owners get back to you about your samples, you make a little on the side supplying local businesses and it makes you happy- you have achieved what many others fail at. A much smaller amount go further than this....

So we first started making these drinks 2 years ago, yet still the drinks are not available to buy anywhere...


Well, let me tell you right now- we haven't been sat on our hands all this time I assure you! As we speak, we have secured grant funding, the machinery is ordered from a long long way away, and all the formal procedures and technicalities are underway.

Thats boring jargon for we are nearly there! We are holding a gun to our head and saying we will be smashing out the first orders by late October. . . . but the more delayed it becomes, the more likely we are to give away free stuff- So hang in there Peckers!!

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