This post comes amidst the new 'en vogue' season of Veganuary. 

If you know anything about us (5th Generation family farm), you'll probably guess that I'm no fan. 

Veganism is a choice, a choice that everyone is free to make. My choice is to look after animals in a way that is more emotional, sympathetic and caring than what many see as cruel 'profitable farming'.

Farmers on the whole do not object to Veganism. However, they are becoming increasing irritated by a constant barrage of insults, front door climate protests, animal rights crusaders and media campaigns that seem to no longer have a balanced view of stating facts (that's you BBC!)

Now to make this more than just a rant, I believe eggs can be a much needed solution that actually forms...

 It's been a long road - 4 years of development, hundreds of cracked eggs, thousands of bad puns and we have some exciting things to announce. 

Firstly, lets address the elephant in the room. . . . drinking eggs won't be everyone's cup of tea.

There I said it- probably the number one thing I should permanently push to the most repressed part of my brain for maximum denial. Especially as WE ARE the team that is pushing egg white drinks. 

But it's the truth- an honest and open fact that Western Europeans are more familiar with eggs as an ingredient for baking, in a fancy pants cocktail, sandwiches when you visit elderly relatives or most importantly- A Full English Breakfast! 

There is no reason for this other than h...

Well it's out there- PECK officially launched January 2018, after a lot of time, sweat, tears and eggs!

We have our first Supermarket launch coming in June, (yay), we are now on Amazon (double yay) a few other big things before then, plus lots of enquiries and emails flooding in every single day. Maybe it's time we had a drink or two to celebrate eh?! 

Not a chance! 

We realised that the biggest task was yet to come, we now have to educate EVERYONE about these 3 things:

1) It's not weird for drinking egg white (no you're not an animal, mad or Rocky Balboa)

2) PECK does not taste Eggy!

3) It's perfectly safe and is probably the highest quality, minimal processed source of protein available!

When talking to stockists, you realise that we a...

It's nice to put a face to a name, and a name to a brand right? 

Or maybe not, maybe you hoped for a team of beautiful fitness people, all glistening with sweat and calories they haven't eaten? 

Nope, you just get Matt, on his farm, with his chickens. This is the guy who started this whole thing, the 'thing' being delicious drinks that use egg white, soya milk and nothing but simple, minimalist ingredients. 

History will look back at this picture, and your kid's will say- "Mum....Dad, you never drank egg whites until 2017?!"

A pioneer, an icon, a simple farmer with a dream..... and a whole load of chicken poop on his left knee.

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