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Here at PECK drinks, we have ambitions to change the way people think about Protein drinks. More and more people are making healthier eating choices, but think they have to compromise on taste. Our drinks punch that compromise in the face!

This means teaming up with the best of the best from across the UK to help us spread our message. To kick it off ...we have the 'Eggsbuerant' Maggie!


Name:                mEGGie

Fav Platform:        Instagram @maggie_daniluk 

Age:                   26

Location:              London, UK

No. of Eggs:        14-21 eggs

Fav egg:             1 egg white added to pre workout oats- I love my 'Proats' fluffy!

Fav Workout:       A mixture of Bodybuilding style workout with HIIT routines.px

I found my purpose through fitness and now I am on a mission myself to inspire and help others how to live a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle. I am sharing my journey on my Instagram page where I post on daily basis tips and tricks how to live an enjoyable balanced lifestyle filled with fitness and nutritious food, but also workout videos, active wear outfits, meal prep tips and everyday stories.


Why PECK? My love to eggs (especially egg whites) is huge, there’s no better food than an egg. I was always educating my friends and colleagues on how amazing eggs are, providing with tips how to ‘smuggle’ egg whites into our everyday dishes for some extra high quality natural protein. Now, I’ve decided to join the forces with the experts PECK so we can spread this message together even further! 

Secondly, we have the force of nature that is Lewys Morgan-Smith. His magic ability is to gain and loose weight quicker than Kerry Katona 

Lewys main.PNG

Name:                Lewys Morgan-smith

Fav Platform:        Insta @lewystmsfitness 

Age:                   23

Location:              Worcestershire

No. of Eggs:        26 eggs

Fav egg:              Poached

Fav Workout:       Resistance training in the gym but for fun I love to surf

Health and Fitness has been a huge part of my life since a young age, but in the past few years I have taken it to the next level! I am a Gym mangager, personal trainer/online fitness coach and I am also a physique competitor but before that I lived in Thailand and worked as a scuba dive instructor. I love training but my favourite part of keeping healthy is paying close attention to my nutrition.


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