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Eggs are one of the most nutritionally dense foods .....ever! They have a whole host of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Eggs have a relatively low carbon footprint and need far less processing than plant protein products. Eggs from British Free Range farms also have the happiest hens- boasting the highest welfare standards in the whole world!

There is a lot of talk about Animal proteins vs Plant proteins. Eggs are ranked #1 in terms of Absorbtion and Bioavailability. Egg White contains almost 10% protein by weight, needing no heavy processing, addition or subtraction. Plant proteins are often heavily processed to isolate the protein away from fibres, starches and fats. This is often an energy intense process that leaves little nutritional benefit to the material, as well as wasting the remaining plant structures. 

But don't take our word for the remarkable facts behind eggs, here is some nutritional dets from UK Lion code.

PECK drinks started when we had a flock of chickens that produced a lot of 'second grade eggs'. These are eggs that are too big, too small, funny coloured, rough textured or just look funny. These eggs don't make it to the supermarket, often get broken and end up as food waste. 

This got us thinking- How bigger problem is this? How many eggs don't make it to supermarkets? How many eggs get wasted in supermarkets because one in a dozen gets broken?

More importantly- why has no-one found a use for these? Is there a reason why eggs in a drink won't work?

Present day- 3 years of awkward conversations about egg drinks, steep learning curves, hard fought trials and lots of errors - we have succeeded! Eggs now have the ability to make the jump from the pan to bottle! Goodness and convenience had a 'hazy fumble' and made PECK!

We set on the journey with a set of principles that were never jeopardised, lots of Free range UK farmed eggs, natural ingredients, and most importantly- Great Taste!

So if you want the anti-thesis to your typical protein drink......

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