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PECK backstory

So we are farmers, that has always been central to who we are and what we do.

We have 16,000 free range chickens, and once we had a lot of eggs that were not suitable for supermarkets. We call them Ugly eggs, not that they have monobrows and too much fake tan, but because they are too big, too small, funny coloured or ... really weird.

So this got us thinking, eggs are PACKED full of goodness, can we make them into a drink? Not only that, but offer people a genuinely different drinks, a protein drink that is dairy free and free from protein powder concentrates, isolates or other guff.

Not only that, but other products, things you can take with you wherever, whenever. Eggs are such a kitchen food, baking ingredient, sauce and dips.... poor ol eggs, stuck in that big kitchen all day.

We set them loose in the wild! drinks are the first product to launch, but watch this space!

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