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Provenance or Ethics?

Deep I know right?

This question is only in relation to food however, so makes it a bit easier to chew (we promise!)

So it boils down to this question- would you rather buy PECK as a product that uses local eggs from local free range chickens from local farms? Or would you rather buy a PECK that actively reduces the amount of eggs that go wasted, regardless of where they are from, or how they are farmed?

This could be a choice we have to make. Right now, we will be launching the drinks using only eggs from local farms, but we may have the opportunity to develop a way of using eggs from supermarkets that don't get sold and are close to Best before dates. Obviously this wouldn't mean they are bad, as our pasteurising process gives them a big 'ol life extension. However it would mean that the eggs would be farmed from a mixture of caged, free range, barn and organic... but is this a price worth paying knowing that food doesn't go to waste? Which would you pick?

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