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It's on it's way, and there's something to win!

Presenting at VentureField East

So this is us, showing our soul on a plate at the recent VentureField East Investment session. A good gig, a tough gig, a weird gig!

In the investment world, there is a lot of tech going on in certain areas- clean energy, carbon capture, app development, big data yada ya ya.....

Big issues, i'm sure you'll agree...............we apply to none of these- to say we were a red herring was an understatement. However, we went down a storm! A massive bunch of converts to a new kind of drink, a new kind of product and ethos behind food production.

We have decided to not choose further investment just yet, we want to start small and grow into the hole for natural protein drinks.

Production plans still on schedule (for once) and plenty of boring conversations happening about paperwork, labels and stamps.

SO we are able to give people to first lot of PECK in not years, not months, BUT WEEKS!!!

Keep an eye on social's- a competition is coming soon for x5 people to win A MONTH'S worth of PECK drinks! fancy that? Not only would you be the first to get your grubby mitts all over them, but be THE FIRST IN THE WORLD!

How bout dat?! Pretty darn good right?!

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