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Onwards and Upwards

eggs are a national favourite!


o the news recently covered the fact that British Lion Eggs are now safe for everyone! Speaking personally I knew they were always good for everyone, but it's nice to have big wigs, scientists and government realise it too!

Moreover, eggs are climbing up the agenda, we even made some big time news

They will forever remain the staple of weekend breakfasts, easy family meals, quick fulfilment as well as the long evenings spent baking and experimenting with sweet treat delights!

But that's not quite what PECK is all about. We are about being out and about, and being able to take eggs with you. It's the delicate nature of eggs that make them so precious, but also so damn' awkward to take outside of your own house without making a big gloopy mess everywhere!

So there it is, goodness and convenience. Boom- because no-one cares about eggs like we do!

Oh and, (nearly forgot the actual reason for this post) the last few hurdles and then we have LIFTOFF! You will find the drinks will be available on the website from the end of next week. That means we will also be hitting you square between the eyes with some info on how/where/what and who the 'PECKERS' are all about!

It's coming together nicely, who knows- maybe you'll see us in a shop near you veeerrrrrrrrrrrry soon!

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