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Boom! it's on!

egg- smashing for protein

It's been a long road - 4 years of development, hundreds of cracked eggs, thousands of bad puns and we have some exciting things to announce.

Firstly, lets address the elephant in the room. . . . drinking eggs won't be everyone's cup of tea.

There I said it- probably the number one thing I should permanently push to the most repressed part of my brain for maximum denial. Especially as WE ARE the team that is pushing egg white drinks.

But it's the truth- an honest and open fact that Western Europeans are more familiar with eggs as an ingredient for baking, in a fancy pants cocktail, sandwiches when you visit elderly relatives or most importantly- A Full English Breakfast!

There is no reason for this other than habit and familiarity. Habits are there to be broken right?

So we finally get to the topic of this post - Musclefood.

Whilst PECK won't replace household brands like Coa-Cola for sometime as yet, we partnering with Musclefood starting 15th May. For those of you that don't know who they are, they basically sell tonnes and tonnes of meat, eggs and other products to health conscious consumers. They sell between 10-20 tonnes of egg white per month.

Thats the equivalent to 300,000-600,000 eggs per month - Jeeeezzz.

You can start to see why it makes sense with us partnering with them. For those reading this who are already familiar with Musclefood,- you'll know that their egg offering is pretty basic, liquid, hard boiled ... blah blah. We are hoping to entice these egg nutters into trying a bit of PECK magic, something to challenge their perceptions, whilst also giving them options for breakfast, refuel, snack or protein hit.

In addition to this, our local Peckers (East Anglia region) will also start to find bottles appear in their local East of England Co-op at the beginning of June.

Weirdly enough, we also have a shipment going to Thailand. So if you're on your hols and your bum needs a break from your Tuk-Tuk... go on a PECK hunt!

Oh and also- get in contact if you have some online influence/content creator/collaborator. . . but only if you love Eggs! We are looking to spread the word that eggs are EVEN MORE on the menu! If you want to be part of our story we want to hear from you!

Peace x

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