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Mountains and Molehills

Natural egg protein

Well it's out there- PECK officially launched January 2018, after a lot of time, sweat, tears and eggs!

We have our first Supermarket launch coming in June, (yay), we are now on Amazon (double yay) a few other big things before then, plus lots of enquiries and emails flooding in every single day. Maybe it's time we had a drink or two to celebrate eh?!

Not a chance!

We realised that the biggest task was yet to come, we now have to educate EVERYONE about these 3 things:

1) It's not weird for drinking egg white (no you're not an animal, mad or Rocky Balboa)

2) PECK does not taste Eggy!

3) It's perfectly safe and is probably the highest quality, minimal processed source of protein available!

When talking to stockists, you realise that we are pretty much all on our own, we're not a milkshake, but not a yoghurt drink either. We are not a juice, but we're also not really a smoothie (although we do have real fruit)

Basically, we should be the loner, have a shelf to ourselves and labelled 'just for 'bravdos', thrill seekers and egg fanatics'

Or.... just anyone who has realised that becoming healthier relies on making smarter eating choices.

We can be that choice, sure you COULD stick to your normal drinks, or you can try something that will challenge every conception you could ever have about something SO CRAZY as an egg drink. (sarcasm, can't you see from the last paragraph that we specifically said it wasn't crazy!)

So if you're reading this, yet haven't tried PECK yet. Stop what you are doing, press the little shop button and Pick the multipack!

On another note, we realised that now we need to evolve. We have gone from simple chicken farmers to hardcore drinks developers. Now, we have to get our heads around something called marketing.........

So that will be interesting.

I'll leave you with a fun Egg fact:

"Per KG of protein, Eggs release 84% less emissions than Dairy production. 90% of Protein drinks are Dairy based".

Despite this- don't hate cows. Frosties wouldn't be the same without them.

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